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Convert from Sherwin Williams® to Hexadecimal

Brief explanation

The three color values for red, green and blue are determined from the Sherwin Williams® color palette.

Since this is about a fixed color palette, there are extensive tables for the exact color value in the notation #RRGGBB.

How does it work?

Qconv makes it to you easy. Give the you known Sherwin Williams®-color-number into the upper field. After confirmation, we are looking for you the appropriate hexadecimal color values out.

You can also quickly and easily find out which other suitable color values are available after a color conversion to the hexadecimal color tone. For example, in addition to analog, square or complementary colors, you can quickly access shades or lighter colors.

Also, get recommended gradients based on the color you entered.

Sherwin Williams®-colors


The SW®-color-catalog standing socially interesting colors. For this it is necessary to have true names that are four digits after the abbreviation SW® with a number.

Not every possible number is available as a SW® color. At the moment there are 1535 SW® shades you can use.


The SW® color system This color catalog can be used worldwide, but is influenced in America.

Hexadecimal color space

Short description

The hexadecimal color system creates all colors by combining the values for red, green, and blue. It uses the hexadecimal notation for this. In steps of two it stands for the respective color value. The specifications of these colors are always 6 digits.

Three 2-digit values are strung together, with the first two values containing the information for red, the middle values containing the information for green, and the last two values containing the information for blue. There are a total of 16,777,216 hexadecimal colors.


The hexadecimal color system is one of the most common systems for web applications and image or photo editing. It is used in the creation and design of web pages and can be found in most image editing programs.