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We, Andy and Bobby, teamed up to create the qConv.com tool for designers. With our shared passion for design and technology, we focused on creating a user-friendly platform that allows designers to quickly and easily convert and manage colors in various color systems.

As experienced designers and programmers, we bring our skills and experience to the development of qConv.com. We believe that colors play a critical role in design and it is important that designers have quick and easy access to accurate color values.

We are proud to offer you a high-quality and useful tool, and we look forward to sharing our expertise and experience with you.

ND-DESIGN.WORKS is a branding agency that works in the partially scientific field of strategic design and is therefore deeply involved with color.

frag-bobby.de offers services such as the creation of websites and online stores, optimization for search engines and consulting in the areas of UX and UI.

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